Our service for your dog

In the centre of our trips is the species-appropriate exercise and animation for body and brain – constant training lectures especially for dogs arrange diversified excursions.

What can your dog expect from us?

We fetch your dog and drive him into nature or do their acclimatized tour. After the excursion we get your dog clean and dry back to the wished place. On request even brushed. Next to the actual trip we offer mental activities. We going to lecture your dog in the behaviour- abc such as Stay, Sit, Get up, Lay down, walking on the leash etc.

Were should we get your dog to an what can we do for him/her?

Vet-Doctor, Salon, Pension, Auction, airport or other determinations, we get your pet there save and sound and stay with him/her, if requested.

We can provide the money and book it to your bill.

Our vehicle is equipped with all security standards to keep your pet save. We can insert boxes for the transport. The equipment is individually adapted to your dog.

The in-cabin room and the materials and parts for the cleaning and brushing are daily clarified and sanitized.

If you need dog food or other supplies we get them for the next appointment. Just ask and we demand everything immediately.