It’s nothing new – it concerns trips for your dog made by our team.

We offer dogs a professional care and different services during the day.

Advantages for you and your dog

  • species-appropriate tours

  • improvement of social behaviour and social skills by contact with fellows and training

  • Fetch/Drop off service to a desired place

  • Don’t feel bad about leave your dog alone at home

  • After a hard day at work a settled, stress re-leaved dog will wait for you at home

Requirements to your pet

  • Dog should be older than 10 months

  • Well behaving around other dogs

  • Wears a revenue stamp and is proper registered

  • Dog is chipped and vaccinated (insight into pass requested)

  • Dog is insurances (Prove requested)

  • Dog should be healthy and free of infection diseases

  • For non-sterilized bitches a pause during the heat is requested, if the dog is walked in company